Srihan Ariyasinghe : Founder- Embrace Consultancy (The best mindfulness coach in Asia- "Asia Awards-2021")

Empower yourself with “Mindful habits”

Empower yourself with “Mindful habits”

It is the biggest challenge to concentrate on current moment in our life. Because our mind always tries to involve with multi-task functions due to addiction of human brain’s multi-functional ability. As seems, it is easy to focus on ‘one thought at one time’, when we are practicing to live at present moment, then we realize the size of difficulty of that simple task. Our brain and mind always do their works with habits. Therefore if we practice multi-tasking actions always, it is a huge challenge to get rid of focusing mind to at one thought at one time. The  attempt of this article & conversation is how to cultivate our mindful habits in order to make our life success and more happier.

First ,we will see this simple example. Get a bottle-cap, bottle and big basket or big tank. Second, fill them from pure water. Then put a same amount of salts to all them. Now think, if we taste bottle-cap, we will be tasted saltines very tightly, but if we taste bottle of water, the we will be felt very slight saltiness. Next when we taste the water of big basket or big tank ,then we never taste the saltiness .In our mind also have both negative and positive thoughts like water and sault and  it always is stored . We can’t remove the negative thoughts and only we can do fill the good and positive  thoughts in our mind .Then we will never have a big impact from the negative and bad thoughts. Always practicing and thinking about good things and the things those can be converted to happier moment in our life always and as a result of that our present moment as well as future also are become more success and happier . Then our past also more happier rather than we think.

Second technique is keeping no expectation environment in your mind as you can. This does not mean not to enjoy the life. It means enjoy your life as you can, do what you like always, help other as you wish, but don’t keep an expectation from others. Then we can keep our mind at a stable condition. Life is very small event. Life is about this moment, so give a little try to keep it happy.


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