Srihan Ariyasinghe : Founder- Embrace Consultancy (The best mindfulness coach in Asia- "Asia Awards-2021")

Pain is always temporary and stay until silent speaks…

Pain is always temporary and stay until silent speaks…

To be in silence is absolutely amazing.  Sound transforms into emotion and messages are sent to me through this intense emotion of silence. I feel more connected to life and the Universe .Energy is flown through my body. Love is spread without boundaries. What I call this immense experience? It is “Meditation”.

As a Buddhist I have learnt how to meditate and I had some experience from childhood, but I put meditation in to action through invaluable personal development program of Peace revolution. There I learnt that is the biggest challenge in our life is control our mind. I could learn how I fit my physical body to do meditation effectively, Further let our thought to flow in our mind freely and be patient at that time. Because “Pain is always temporary “and stay until silent speaks. That is one of advice from my meditation teacher. When we keep our mind at the center, our silent will awake. It is neither negative nor positive feeling. Actually it is emptiness and then purifying my mind as I learnt from Buddhist teaching monks in Thailand. It is called Sabai feeling.

There is no any good or bad mediation actually, only the thing is concentrating as I can and observe the mind without too much focusing and too much relaxing. Sometimes it behave like a bird, sometimes like a tiger but as my experience only the duty of me is observing and stay there. When I stay continually at a same concentrate stage, next time I could easily visit there.

When I start the meditation, my first challenge was preparing my body for the meditation posture. But practicing time to time I realized when my breath reach to center at the body my physical sensation were not with me. I could practice like that about 6 months continually. After that I could apply meditation to my day today  life especially when I woke up ,when I brush ,When I eat and when I am at alone. I could think clearly, I developed the ability to trust my intuition and made some life changing decisions .Further I was motivated and encouraged to achieve fulfillment and happiness in life. Meditation has changed my life in ways that words cannot fully describe .My previous negative thoughts and self-belief I feel, were the root of many of the sick periods I had.

Now I feel more in control of my thoughts and I acknowledge negativity but do not ‘fuel’ it .Now I turn it around and try and replace with positivist. Now I can’t imagine that Life without meditation? On a simplistic level, it helps me relax and escape from any stresses of the working day, on a deeper level – I have experienced an ‘awakening of life purpose. Meditation has inspired my art and made me feel closer to Spirit. I learned that life is a precious gift, never to be taken for granted, not even for a moment. I learned the importance of feeling good and being aware in each moment, and I learned how to live in the moment, to acknowledge awareness. I took my passion and turned them into my life.

Meditation has taught wonderful realizations for me like realizing I am responsible for my own experiences , realizing my inner self is a shared experience , Being grateful to myself for every experience that comes my way , Knowing that
Knowing that nothing in my life happens by accident, Being able to enjoy simple moments, like taking a walk and appreciating the scenery, Being willing to take each day to nurture, heal, and guide myself, Knowing the difference between reacting and reaction ,Being able to forgive myself, and therefore others, Being able to sit with another as they go through hardship, without feeling compelled to expound their experience, Laughing at myself, when I catch a good thought or bad and  gave me strength and patience when I needed it .

I feel is a journey within, which, just goes on and on and there might not be the end point to where I can reach….I mean the journey goes to the eternity.  It makes my day go better and it brings me to a place where I can accept each day as the gift it is. It helped me fall in love with my life.’

Meditation taught me that looking at beauty in the world, is the first step of purifying the mind.

By : Srihan Kanishka Ariyasinghe

Founder of Embrace Consultancy



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