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Dear ! there is a Fear ,very Near.. So Hear !

Dear ! there is a Fear ,very Near.. So Hear !

Ancient people were very strong ,they have given lots of amazing creation to the world. Pyramids, China wall, Sigiriya rock are symbolized their Energetic blood and high level conceptual skill. They had long time Life. They lived with nature very closely. They were very happy and entertain their life in every second.

Today we show our growth only from technology. New inventors are increased day by day and technology close to us in every second, at the same time we away from nature in every second. We can prove that when we see the current condition of the world. Natural disasters, Virus & bacterial infections ,violation of Human right and suicides, desire to force & monopoly ,Poverty and hungry are our concrete problems at this moment.

Nowadays people don’t know smell of flowers, don’t feel taste of birds ‘music ,coolness of natural water and value of relationships. They try to find out happiness through money. So when they can attain that without relationship with nature? “The foot feels the when it feels the ground”. So without do love ,care and touch the nature we can’t get positive feedback from nature. Newton said, ” Every action has same opposite reaction”, so we should go ahead with nature, our technology should be to close to the nature not to away from nature. If not, very soon Nature will react to the world same as we act to the nature. Think ! Animal’s behavior never change even time is gone in 100 years. But Only human’s behavior get changed in every decade. Our young generations’ can’t compare with previous young crowds’ and future young crowd’s behavior .Totally different. Why is that. Animal never away from nature ,humans always try to create their own world. Every problem has answers, but they are hidden, so human being should choose the most appropriate way to solve that. The nature is waiting for until humans get the correct decisions.



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